My new best friend… his name is Pinot Grigio by Barefoot

I have been a red wine drinker for many years and all my friends know it, however, one night one of my good friends, one that always loves to give me a hard time, invited me for dinner and decided that she will only serve white wine. Let me say that I was not to happy. I usually always bring a bottle of wine to any dinner, but this one night I did not have time to go pick up a bottle. So, I was stuck with “Pop” or Pinot for the night!

It’s not that I never tried white wine, but it just did not do it for me. Each time I would have a glass, either it would give me heart burn or would be so dry that after one glass, I could not drink more, so I always stuck to red!

After drinking some pop and her drinking “Pinot Grigio”  from Barefoot, I said, what the hell, let me try it. So I did! To my surprise, I was drinking this fruity, but not so sweet tasteful wine, just dry enough and with an aftertaste of some sort of spice. I immediately loved it and now I am addicted.

Since then, each time that we get together, which is at least once a week, Pinot hangs out with us. For the past two months, however, he was no where to be found. It’s almost as if he abandoned us. Each grocery store we would walk into, even if it was to buy only bread or milk, we would always go look for him, and nothing until last week when we went to rent some movies (Movie store is in a grocery) and I said, you rent the movies I am going to walk around and of course I went to look for Pinot and to my biggest surprise, there he was!

I came back to see my friend and told her that I had to show her something. She kept on asking what? What? (at times she can be quite lazy) I told her that she has to come see. When I showed her… she almost cried. We were once again reunited with Pinot! Don’t ask me how many bottles we bought!

Doesn't he look pretty beside the other ones?

Did you guys try it? How do you like it?


About Mrs. Sasu

Expat from Montreal, now living in beautiful Costa Rica. I am a travel addict, a photography passionate and wine & food lover.
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One Response to My new best friend… his name is Pinot Grigio by Barefoot

  1. Cheryl Grant says:

    Hahahaha…Lets just say we are stocked up incase he goes missing again! I actually felt like we won the lottery!!!

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