Cocoa Coffee Shop

Cocoa Coffee Shop opened its doors a couple of months ago and I kept on passing by, but never stopped. Now that my car is in the shop, I pretty much bike everywhere, so yesterday afternoon, I decided to stop and check it out.

I immediately fell in love with it.

As my friend Cheryl says, I am pretty particular about certain things – one of them being the environment/deco of a place. I like modern/minimalistic decor, when everything is color coordinated and when there is a lot of attention paid to details –  (even the pastry trays match). Cocoa’s brown and turquoise combination makes the place very welcoming and cozy, although quite trendy. I love combining all those elements.

After I admired my surroundings, I decided to take a look at the menu. I was not very hungry, but I could have a snack, so I ordered a Turkey & Chipotle Wrap with a diet coke. Delicious! Not to mention, very affordable – my total bill $6,50.

Turkey & Chipotle Wrap with fruit salad on the side

In the coming days, I will go back to try their variety of coffees, smoothies, pastries, sandwiches and salads. I think I just found a new hang out place!

Location: Coco Beach Hotel Plaza, Main Boulevard of Playas del Coco, Costa Rica

Schedule: Open Monday to Sunday from 8:30am to 5:30pm

Telephone: (506) 2670-0932


About Mrs. Sasu

Expat from Montreal, now living in beautiful Costa Rica. I am a travel addict, a photography passionate and wine & food lover.
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