When infinity meets the ocean…

Infinity meets the ocean - view from one of the pools.

On my last visit to Panama city, I traveled on a budget that I don’t usually travel. Everything was about luxury and first class. Some of my clients invited a friend of mine and myself to go with them to Panama city. It was their first time.

We arrived relatively late, so all we did was to check in to our 3 bedroom state-of-the art apartment in one of Panama’s many skyscrapers. After a good night sleep, we decided to go to the Trump Ocean Club Panama for our Sunday brunch, I had read that they had a fabulous buffet. Upon arrival to the Trump, a valet welcomed us and directed us to Barcelona, one of the hotel’s restaurants. As we were waiting to be seated, my eyes did not know where to look. All I could see was abundance… the buffet display was spectacular – a set-up of colorful fruits, a variety of cheeses and cold cuts, shiny chafing dishes, an omelet stand just to name a few. Abundance, abundance, abundance… I was so excited about all this that I even forgot to take  pictures of my plates.

After stuffing my face, as I wanted try everything, I decided to go explore the surroundings until my friends finished eating. And so I did.

Barcelona Restaurant - Outdoors sitting area

As I turned the corner from Barcelona, this is what I found - one of the 4 pools.

I just wished I had my bathing suit so I can chill in one of these cabanas sipping a Mimosa.

After I snapped a couple of shots, I went back to my friends. Together, we toured the hotel and with unanimity we decided that on our next trip to Panama we will stay at the Trump Ocean Club.The amenities are fabulous, the rooms are state of the art (I could not snap a shot), the service is great for a Latin American country and finally it is not that expensive after all.

Sitting area in the lobby.

On our way out, I even got approached by a guy that was interested in my pictures. We exchanged emails and a couple of nights later I came to meet up with him for some drinks at Azul, the bar on the pool deck. One of my pictures was featured in his newspaper… too bad they do not have an electronic version.

Have you been to the Trump Ocean Club in Panama city? What are your thoughts?





About Mrs. Sasu

Expat from Montreal, now living in beautiful Costa Rica. I am a travel addict, a photography passionate and wine & food lover.
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