Placido, not Domingo but Pinot Grigio

Last week, my friend Cheryl’s mom arrived to Costa Rica for a two-week vacation. So, this past weekend, to celebrate her arrival, we decided to take Carol to our favorite restaurant – Ginger, in Playa Hermosa. (I will soon review Ginger… I always forget my camera when I go, but I promise next time I go I will take it)

I started the night with their famous Passion Fruit Martini, but after I had a few, I decided to switch to wine. Cheryl, the white wine drinker, she does not drink anything else this one… she says that red wine gives her tongue allergies… go figure! Anyways, back to my point. As mentioned to you in one of my earlier posts “My new best friend… his name is Pinot Grigio by Barefoot”, I just started drinking white wine again and now I am an addict.

Meet Placido…

The only Pinot Grigio on Ginger’s menu was Placido, 2010 – so Cheryl decided to order a glass, while I was sipping on my martini. She kept on “awweewing” and saying how good it was. Finally, I tried it and I immediately loved it, and of course I ordered a glass. Did you expect anything else?

It has this rich fruity aroma, a mix of orange, apple and maybe tangerine with a floral spark at the end. It has a very nice acidic balance – not to dry, tart or sweet. As we were in the dark, I was not able to see its color very well, but I would say it’s a light gold.

I loved it so much that I am actually considering cheating on Barefoot, it’s just a matter of meeting with Placido in a more private setting than Ginger’s dining room, there my affair with him can cost me over $50/night. Not my ideal date when I know that if I take him home, he will only cost me $10. Wink, wink!

Have you dated Placido before? If not, you should try him.

P.S. Don’t miss Cheryl on House Hunter’s International on April 18, 2012 at 7pm eastern time.


About Mrs. Sasu

Expat from Montreal, now living in beautiful Costa Rica. I am a travel addict, a photography passionate and wine & food lover.
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2 Responses to Placido, not Domingo but Pinot Grigio

  1. Lisa at fLVE says:

    Lol. Funny. šŸ™‚

    • Mrs. Sasu says:

      I am glad you liked the post… I think reviewing wine is so boring, so I always feel the need to do it with humor! It triggers people’s attention. I also feel that I am having an affair with wine lately! Lol

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