Same Circus… Different Clowns… Welcome to Paradise!

Picture from Anne Taintor

Men… they are a different species! Once again, today, I was confronted with a situation that I am still trying to understand. I believe that at this point I can only blame it on culture, difference in beliefs or upbringing.

For the past 5 years, I have tried to understand this “Machista” behavior that Latin American men seem to master. Coming from a background where men and women are treated equally and where there is no difference between them, I am still trying to understand how this Latin American society works.

Although, men in these countries truly believe that they are in control, they are absolutely not.

Their lives are micro-managed by their wives, girlfriends or mothers. They have very little or no power in their households, they are monitored by their significant other 24/7 because they have probably cheated on her several times, which leads to a lack of trust and jealousy from her part. These “Machistas” expect the women in their lives to cook, clean, wash, entertain, raise the kids and maybe wipe their a** while I am at it. This is all because “THEY” bring the money and work all day. I am digressing from my point…

The Machista – The Latin Lover

The Machista can also be defined as the Latin Lover in certain cases (especially with foreign girls) – he is a sweet talker, takes you dancing, makes you feel like a princess and ultimately all he wants is to get into your pants. (Which is fine, I understand)

Initially, I was head over heels! I got caught into this game many times and I am not afraid to admit it. I am a romantic at heart! After a couple of experiences, some more difficult than others, I learned not to be blinded my the Latin Lover, which at one point transforms itself into a Machista.


I am a laid back person, however quite outspoken, so when I believe in something, I will always defend it. I strongly believe men and women equality, so…

The Machista VS Me

Today, I was confronted with a situation that I never thought would be possible. This past weekend we had the “Festival Recreativo de Playas del Coco”, where I was invited to play in a volleyball tournament to represent one of Coco’s teams. I agreed to play even though I knew that most players were men. I play regularly with them, so I am used to it. They had to have a reason to ask me to play with them, no? 😉 One of our players could not come today, so we had another one replacing him. When I got there, I found out that the organizer of the tournament will play with us now, so instead of 6 we are 7. (He was the one that called me to ask me to invite another player) I felt bad for the guy that I invited, but he ended up playing in another team, so it was ok.

Anyways, we start playing a couple of games, we finally make it to the final. As we get ready to play the final, I have the organizer telling me… well you know we are 7 players… so we do not need you anymore. WHAT??? I could not believe it! After I played a total of I don’t even know how many games in the past two days, made it to the final he tells me that I cannot play. WHY??? Because I am a girl!

Now you tell me… since when do you switch registered players in the final of a tournament and replace them with a player from another team? Isn’t that cheating?

Once again, I was confronted with one of these Machitas… arghhh…

First, what amazed me about this whole situation is that they are willing to cheat, disrespect someone only for their self satisfaction of potentially winning a game. Second, none of the guys that I played with the whole weekend stood up for me, hence they obviously had the same beliefs, sadly some of them are friends of mine. Maybe not for long…

Unfortunately, I can say that I think I will never win against The Machista, I just have to accept them as part of this Latin American society.

Lastly, I just want to mention that I have met some great guys in Latin America and that not all Latin men are Machistas, however there is a higher percentage here than in North America! Same Circus… Different Clowns…

Any thoughts on The Machista?


About Mrs. Sasu

Expat from Montreal, now living in beautiful Costa Rica. I am a travel addict, a photography passionate and wine & food lover.
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7 Responses to Same Circus… Different Clowns… Welcome to Paradise!

  1. cheryl says:

    Same circus…different clowns! I love it chica!!! hahahaha

  2. Lisa at fLVE says:

    Can you organize a ladies and non-machista men only volleyball team? And then beat the other team next time? I will be cheering you on from here! 🙂

    • Mrs. Sasu says:

      Lisa… I wish… Although it is very hard to find those guys here and the girls… well they do not really play volleyball in this country. They are not very sporty! Too bad! But I hope one day this will happen! Keep you posted! lol

  3. abbytegnelia says:

    Uggggh so annoying! I often wonder if I’m still single because I am not the most domestic person. I’ve been too busy working to pay for my single self to learn how to be in charge in the kitchen!

    • Mrs. Sasu says:

      Abby, I don’t think that we have to be domestic. In my mind we have have to be balanced, know how to do most things and then split them between both parties.

      I know it is difficult to find someone these days, but hey I am still hoping there is someone out there for us. I just think that you and be both live in two very different worlds, in which the variety of men is not at its best! You know what I mean… We might have to relocate! 🙂

  4. carol grant says:

    Sasu i hope you showed this to my daughter who as you know is into the princess thing these days!! hahaha

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