After today’s shenanigans… I think it’s time to hit the casino

I am clumsy, I am strange and I attract only weird things. Everything always happens to me and I have become the clown in my own circus. I mean really, everything always happens to moi!

Before Carol’s flight we went for lunch at “Father Rooster”. There was no way I was going to sit under the beaming sun, so I picked one of the 2 tables under a tree. I was wondering why people were not sitting there… I actually found out later!

“Father Rooster” is a quaint restaurant on the beach in Ocotal. A lot of tourists go there, I usually run away from those place as I do not want to see any clients, but I still like to go once in a while. They have good food and the location is just fabulous.

As a local now, I know about how sneaky the Magpie-Jay is, a popular bird in my area. These birds love to hang out at “Father Rooster”, they come and steal you nachos, your fries and even might take a sip of your margarita.

Picture from Wikipedia

As the typhoon was blowing my table mat, me tripping on the chair, the Magpie-Jays were hanging out just above me in the tree. I kept on peaking at the them, as I was afraid they might come and rob my lemon and eventually my food.

Cheryl says: “Sasu, stop looking up, one of them might just take a S….”

Yeah, Yeah I tell her… imagine I might just score!

What happens next? Bammm!!! Of course, we had to create a scene because I screamed, they started laughing hysterically, all eyes on us, waiters had to come clean the table etc. How embarrassing! After the chaos, I said: “Well, I guess it will be my lucky day!”

After we finish eating, I start chasing the Magpie-Jay, so I can take a picture to put on the blog. Without success, they kept on running away from me. As I sit down, Bammm!!! Again!

The Moral… there are two!

  1. I am really going to be lucky today, hence I am planning on hitting the casino later tonight!
  2. Revenge – they did not like my attitude towards them, so both birds had to take a S…. on me!

Any thoughts?



About Mrs. Sasu

Expat from Montreal, now living in beautiful Costa Rica. I am a travel addict, a photography passionate and wine & food lover.
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2 Responses to After today’s shenanigans… I think it’s time to hit the casino

  1. dfmw says:

    Reblogged this on the Pub servation and commented:
    excellent story

  2. Lisa at fLVE says:

    I will take the side that you are definitely very very lucky! 🙂 Those little birds are sooo cute, but I can understand how mad you are at them…until you strike it rich at the casino then you will seek them out again. Lol.

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