Sunday… Funday

Although I live by the beach and basically in Paradise… I do not take enough time to go to the beach. The last time I hit the beach was in San Juan del Sur and it’s been almost a month. It’s actually pathetic… I should take the time to go every Sunday…

Cheryl is out-of-town, the guilas were all tired last night… so I stayed in. It was perfect because this morning I woke up fresh and early and decided to head a little south to spend the day at the beach. I called my favorite guila and off we went to Langosta.

Cheryl… just for you I had to share my neon pink toe nails… I know how much you love and miss them! Muhahahahaha

Langosta is right after Tamarindo. You have to take a dirt road to get there, drive up for about 2km and right before the Barcelo Hotel there is a hidden parking lot where you can leave your car. A “wanna be” guard is there – pay him a couple hundred colones when you leave.

Langosta is a white sand beach with good waves. It’s long a beautiful and there are never a lot of people, anyways nothing like Tamarindo. You have to be very careful because there are a lot of rocks in the water and at high tide you do not see them. One of the only part without rocks is the one close of the estuary, but if you are not a good swimmer I do not recommend to go in at high tide. The combination between the estuary and the ocean creates very strong currents. Even today, as we are lying peacefully on the beach the lifeguards had to run to rescue a girl who was stuck in the swirl. So… just be careful!

After suntanning and swimming for a couple of hours, the guila and I headed back to Tamarindo to grab some lunch. I wanted to go to a beach front restaurant, so I suggested Le BeachClub… well let me tell you I was not really impressed. This place used to be fab, but I think that they changed administration and it’s mahhhh. The food is ok but expensive, so I guess you pay for the location. Once we finished lunch we headed to my friends’ villa ~ Casa Pipilacha. This house has a 280 degree view of the ocean and a magnificent view of Tamarindo.

We hung out with Ed and Chas in the infinity edge pool while admiring the “paysage” and bopping our heads to some 90’s beats. A wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. The guila even tried the floaties. Here is a picture – LOL – I am sure he will yell at me for sharing this, but I had to! hahahaha

So after hanging out in the pool all afternoon, we had some cocktails, beers and homemade nachos for sunset.

I have absolutely no words to describe the sunset from Pipilacha, so I decided to share some pictures with you.

As the sun was going down.

So long… SUN… Hello pink, orange, yellow, blue sky…

How was your Sunday Funday? Anyone hit the beach this weekend?


About Mrs. Sasu

Expat from Montreal, now living in beautiful Costa Rica. I am a travel addict, a photography passionate and wine & food lover.
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4 Responses to Sunday… Funday

  1. Guila says:

    It was a nice day, I spent a great time with Lokis…

  2. carol grant says:

    So Beautiful Sasu. Say hi to Ed and Chas

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