Where did she go?

Well … Hello, Hello Dear Blog followers!

Some of you may have asked yourselves: “Where did she go? What is she doing? No blog posts since August 5? No more photo challenges? What is going on?”

In the past few months, I have pondered a lot about my life in general… more explicitly about my life as an expat in Costa Rica… Do I love Costa Rica? Yes. Do I love living on the beach? Yes. Do I like the simplicity of my life there? Yes. Do I like the flexibility of my job? Yes.

A little piece of paradise…

But… about a year ago, some other questions came to mind, some that I did not have until then.

Do I want to live in a village? No. Do I want to deal with the gossip of a village? No. Do I love my job? More or less. Do I miss my family and friends? Yes. Do I miss Montreal? Yes. Do I miss my former career in Marketing? Yes.

But the one, that had me thinking for almost a year was: Do I miss the fast life? The city lifestyle? The chaos? The traffic?  Yes, Yes, Yes… and more Yes.

So, now what? Do I leave my 5 years of Tico lifestyle behind? What if I don’t like living in the city and will want to come back after a month or so? Ufff… complicated decisions, right?

Well… back in April when my 3 fabulous girlfriends  from Montreal  and I met on our yearly meeting, Nicaragua this time, we discussed a lot about our respective lives, our dreams, our fears, our future and most importantly our day-to-day lives which from the outside seem perfect, but from the inside might be chaos. They helped me put everything into perspective and convinced me that I should come and spend some time in Montreal before taking a drastic decision that I might regret.

So, I spent the last 2 months in Montreal catching up with family and friends, rediscovering my old city, stuffing my face with Brie Cheese and baguette and finally thinking a lot about how life would be if I would come back.

After, these 2 months I think I am ready to come back and start a new life, change the pace and basically enjoy everything Montreal has to offer.

So I hope you will continue to follow me on my new adventure… in these 2 months I have accumulated a lot of blogging material about my old/new hometown. Stay tuned…

“Rediscovering Montréal… ma nouvelle ville!”

Montreal skyline from Pont de la Concorde



About Mrs. Sasu

Expat from Montreal, now living in beautiful Costa Rica. I am a travel addict, a photography passionate and wine & food lover.
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2 Responses to Where did she go?

  1. Abby says:

    You were my window into my old life in Coco — how could you DO this to me?! Jaja. Chica, I am so happy for you. You know I relate — literally, from Coco back to the fast life. I am here for you during the transition — don’t you forget it! I can’t wait to catch up on Skype!!

    • Mrs. Sasu says:

      Thanks so much Abby! I am looking forward to this new life… after these 2 months I am convinced I needed to make the move. We had a girls night yesterday at Lisa’s… it was great to see them! 🙂 Missed your smiling face though. Let me know when you are available… I can’t wait all about the new things in your life as per your email. Pura Vida!

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