Photo Challenge: Happy

I am back…

I am not sure how many photo challenges I have missed, but it feels good to be back, especially with a theme like “Happy”.

Some might need a sophisticated life or a brand new car, but others might just need a walk in the park or the simple smile of a stranger to be happy. So it is very difficult to define happiness, every individual has his/her own.

This gallery includes some of my moments of happiness or some of the things that make me happy.

I could just continuing posting pictures… a lot of things make me happy!

What makes you happy?

Share your happiness with me!


About Mrs. Sasu

Expat from Montreal, now living in beautiful Costa Rica. I am a travel addict, a photography passionate and wine & food lover.
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3 Responses to Photo Challenge: Happy

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  2. jExcellent post! I love seeing this format in the slideshow option. All of your photos look great! z

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