Adios Crazy Oasis…

Well Hello my dear readers,

This past month was a very emotional month for me, one that I will probably remember for the rest of my life.


I had one month to pack 6 years of living abroad, to close up my apartment in Playas del Coco and to get it ready for a vacation rental property, to play as much beach volleyball as possible, kind of hard to play it in the snow lol and finally to say my goodbyes to some wonderful people I have met in the past 6 years. (My goodbyes in my next post)

Playas del Coco from above

During these 6 years I spent most of my time in Happy Oasis, the condo community of my apartment, which after a couple of months of living there I called Crazy Oasis. Now that I am gone I can share some of the stories from Crazy Oasis… most likely in another post! But just as an avant-gout  – The best way I can describe Crazy Oasis and my neighbors is:

A community of 24 apartments, all located around a pool and a rancho, which share a laundry room and have a more or less useless guard (depends if he likes you or not).

Neighbors: We have the long-term ones (the ones living year round) and then the seasonal ones (my favorite – the vacationers arghhh… how I loved them! NOT! well maybe some of them)

Long Term List:

  • Old Italian lady who is a little coucou… one day she came out on her balcony and started screaming at me: “Muchacha… I waited all day yesterday for you to come do my pedicure” Really do I look like someone who can do a pedicure??? I get my mani and pedi done every single week!!! I guess I will have to learn how to file my nails because I am not sure I will afford it in Montreal on a weekly basis. Ouch
  • The OIJ lady or the cop or the town gossiper or the washing machine hogger … Arghhh I have some many f*** names for this one. Let’s say my favorite of the bunch. This b*** has no life and all she does is check what every one else is doing. I seemed to be her favorite target. The stories she invented about me are unreal
  • The old dirty Italian – God damn why don’t these pigs stay in their own countries? Ah yeah… cause they have wives there and not one young girl would want to screw an old wrinkly fart…
  • Odd Spanish couple + daughter… well them they were just odd. Nothing else to say about them
  • Old gringo with his Philipina wife… all she does is clean, cook, wash and probably wipe his a***
  • MOI: Well there was me… to my Crazy Oasis crew, I assume I was viewed as this: Snotty Canadian B****, who hangs out with another snotty Canadian blondie (Cheryl), who has a Gringo staying over almost every weekend but only when he is hammered (my friend B-Rain) – the question after every weekend was: “Is that her B-friend?” not to mention that this question was never addressed to me, but then by Tuesday they would change their minds as I had probably my vball partner coming over or any other friend, so I had a different boyfriend every single day of the week. In addition to my social circle… another subject of conversation of my neighbors was: “This snobby princess probably does not know how to clean!” Yes… I had a cleaning lady that did everything for me and I mean everything. She is the best thing on earth and I will miss her enormously.

Short Term List:

  • My favorite of all: The French Canadian Lunatic Lady (I have to blog about her)
  • The Photographer – he was creepy… for some reason he would love to snap pictures of me sipping on my coffee in the mornings. Does he not get that I look like shit in the morning and I am in my jam jams and all I want is to drink my coffee in peace?
  • Wife beating her husband – Awesome couple… police came a couple of times.
  • The Whale  – Ah this is an old one… single bitter chick who had nothing to do over the weekend but to float in the pool and talk on her phone.
  • And then… my second favorites: The seasonal (Christmas/New Year/ Easter) Come huevos! God I love those F**** They would drive me absolutely crazy! Their reggeaton or salsa until the crack of dawn, their 200 kids screaming in the pool, their 1,000 beer cans all around the rancho and the pool… arghhh let’s just say… I do not like them!

So now that you know about Crazy Oasis… You can understand how hard it was to leave it all behind… even though I bitch about it… this was an amazing source of entertainment for my friends and I.

Although Crazy Oasis was pretty crazy on the outside, my little corner of Crazy Oasis was my home – my own peaceful space, where not to many people were allowed, my cozy little cave as I called it where I could hide and be just with me. So, leaving my chez-moi behind was quite emotional. So many stories, so many memories, so much fun, so many nights filled with shenanigans, so much drama in the hood, so much craziness… LOL

Crazy Oasis I will miss you… but you will be forever my little hideaway in Paradise!

My cozy living room.

By the way, I am renting my apartment so if you are interested to go vacation in Playas del Coco, shoot me an email. 🙂

It’s a great place to stay, just 200m from the beach!


About Mrs. Sasu

Expat from Montreal, now living in beautiful Costa Rica. I am a travel addict, a photography passionate and wine & food lover.
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5 Responses to Adios Crazy Oasis…

  1. lisa says:

    One less crazy at crazy oasis. You will be missed!!!!

  2. Abby says:

    Oh, chica, this made me tear up!! The girls, especially Cheryl, must be beside themselves. But I am totally coming to visit in Montreal lol. Sad to think of Coco without you. 😦

    • Mrs. Sasu says:

      Now that I am gone… I think these types of stories will keep on coming… No one to confront anymore on a daily basis. lol
      Yes… I am sad about the girls and Cheryl especially! But I know we will keep in touch… I hope she will come visit soon! Abby… please come visit whenever you want, you are more than welcome! 🙂

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